Through the eyes of artists

State of the Art Gallery Preview

Yellow Dress
Catharine O’Neill
The woman in the yellow dress.
Huginn: Raven Wolf Bird
Elise Skalwold
When I first came here 44 years ago, I quickly fell in love with both a man here and this place which is so similar to my familial Viking-steeped region of Vestfold.
White Water Lily
Nancy Ridenour
My biggest inspiration is found in my own backyard.
Calling to Mind
Vince Joseph
This painting calls to mind Ithaca experiences from memory.
Ithaca Spiritual Home Past and Present
Geri Peterson Joseph
My idea for this artwork was to honor Ithaca as the home of a large, vibrant Tibetan community as well as the location of the original American Brahman Bookstore.