Through the eyes of artists

Yellow Dress

By Catharine O’Neill
Farah Bakaari

Farah Bakaari with Catherine O’Neill

Farah Bakaari posted this on X:
“A few days ago my neighbor (artist of 50+ years) and I were casually chatting, then as she’s leaving she says, ‘Hey, I’ve a painting at this art show opening on Friday, maybe you wanna come?’ I enthusiastically agree. Then she adds, ‘If you want you can wear your yellow dress.’ I think the dress thing is sorta weird but she’s funny that way & I say ‘Well, it’s dirty…if I can wash it in time.’ Then I turn up and everyone looks & smile & murmurs, and she takes me to her painting & she painted me standing in her garden. The exhibit’s theme is SEEING ITHACA. Needless to say, I’m so incredibly moved and so grateful for the wonderful community of kind strange friends I’ve made in this town.”