August 2024
State of the Art Gallery
promoting our beautiful
and diverse city
and the artists who love it.

This year State of the Art Gallery will again be sponsoring Seeing Ithaca Through the Eyes of Artists. It will take place during the month of August 2024.

Last year’s event included nine galleries, each gallery exhibiting art on the broad theme “Seeing Ithaca”. This year we are expanding the scope to include galleries, artists with studios, and businesses and other venues that show art.

Artists will have their studios open August 10, 12–5. Galleries and other venues will celebrate Gallery Night on August 2, 5–8.

If interested in participating in this event, please contact

See our interactive map of all the locations listed below.

Mary Ann Bowman

I am a potter who made bowls and switched to clever animal clay sculptures, especially rabbits, chicken, and fish.

Open August 10.

Cheryl Chalmers

I am a fulltime painter/illustrator, my award-winning watercolors
have been published in national and regional magazines, newspapers,
and in corporate and private collections. I find the watercolor medium ideal for capturing the lakes, waterfalls and landscapes of the Finger Lakes.

Open August 10.

Andrew Gillis

I have been photographing in Ithaca since 1970, primarily in black and white. My focus has been mostly the revealing details rather than large sweeping vistas, and most of my work consists of toned fiber base silver prints made from 4×5 negatives.

Open August 10.

Barbara Harrison

As a visual artist, I wander the environs, eyes in motion–delving into textures, patterns, colors, and lines painted by light. Expanding the view a scene presents by altering perspective. Exploring patterns of illumination, the observer has a chance to visualize the possibilities, rather than what is.

Open August 10.

Leslie Ihde

I am an artist who paints with oils. My paintings can be landscapes, abstract, or somewhere in between. I am interested in the inner landscape of conversation, as well as the actual landscapes of the world around us. I want my work to evoke the layers of our experience as human beings translated into the colors of paint.

Open August 10.

Cindy Kaufman

I find myself drawn to abstract illustrative floral themes, exploring the vibrant colors and the exuberant life energy they emit. I want to capture the essence of flora and the emotions they evoke. The subject appears to be alive, virtually jumping off the canvas, immersing the viewer into a magical world/space. I create art that brings joy; art that has the power to transform not only interior space but also the human spirit.

Open August 10.

Carol LaBorie

I work primarily in textiles, fiber, paper, and mixed media such as encaustics. When you visit my studio you will discover a variety of colorful handspun yarn, hand-dyed silk scarves, botanical prints, felted paper, felted handbags, and fiber sculptures. I enjoy showing and telling visitors about the processes that I use in my artwork.

Open August 10.

Michael Ludgate

I am currently a part time professional photographer specializing in outdoor landscape and nature images. I also enjoy photographically documenting outdoor nature and conservation related events. I take photographs of landscapes and up-close flora to promote awareness of our natural world and the importance of protecting it

Open August 10.

Austin MacRae

I specialize in acrylic landscapes featuring local scenes.

Open August 10.

Carlton J. Manzano

I work in oils on canvas or board, creating impressionistic landscape paintings.

Open August 10.

Katrina Morse

I paint in acrylic on canvas covering a variety of subjects. From trees in dappled sunlight in local forests to ripples of water that merge into the night sky, my paintings range from impressionistic to surreal.

Open August 10.

Rebecca Moshaty

I am an abstract landscape artist working with acrylics and collage, inspired by the nature and beauty of the Finger Lakes.

Open August 10.

Diane Newton

The work I will show of Ithaca are drawings in pastel on black Arches paper—44″ horizontally 30″ vertical.

Open August 10.

Rachel Philipson

I focus on fine art photographs, cards, and textiles.

Open August 10.

Nancy Ridenour

I am a digital photographer with a variety of subjects that I photograph, which include: flowers, Florida birds, cement sculpture abstracts, Cornell abstracts, NYC abstracts, flower/artifact still images, Bergdorf Goodman window abstracts, and zoo animals.

Open August 10.

Desirée Rivera

My media are mainly watercolor and acrylic. My studio showcases acrylic landscapes on canvas, nature-themed watercolors that I have scanned and printed on acid free paper for prints and greeting cards, all original designs. Come and sit on my comfy sofa and enjoy some framed works and some conversation!

Open August 10.

Mary Shelley

I’m equally a wood carver and a painter. My artwork has been described as primitive, traditional, untrained, Americana, whimsical, naïve, eccentric, outsider, visionary or carved craft.

Open August 10, 12–3

Annie Sheng

I am a Finger Lakes based visual artist who specializes in bold acrylic, gouache, and sumi ink paintings, often speculative and narrative in nature, as well as other media, such as ceramics, found objects, and digital art. I received my Ph.D. in Anthropology at Cornell University in 2022 and my paintings reflect my interest in mythology, foodways, the natural world, ecology and human connection.

Open August 10.

Casey Shepherd

My art is my passion, I dabble in a bit of everything, but I love to dedicate my time to my resin paintings and chess sets. My paintings consist of safe epoxy resin, alcohol ink, mica powders, genuine crystals and gemstones, as well as live edge wood in some pieces. I focus a lot on nature and the oceans.

Open August 10.

Sheryl Sinkow

I am a professional photographer who photographs for my private collection and photographs Cornell University events.

Open August 10.

Carla Stetson

I live and work in the countryside of New York state in a converted barn that is home to quite a few wild creatures besides its human occupants. My partner and I have a small apiary (Sky Barn Bees) and harvest honey. My work reflects how human and natural realms are entangled in fascinating, marvelous, multiple and necessary ways. Global concerns about our environment along with our interdependence with creatures that are often deemed insignificant gives rise to themes I explore in large scale drawings, mixed media and sculptural works.

Open August 10.

Ethel Vrana

My early impressionistic landscapes have evolved into abstract paintings, inspired by the fundamental shapes and colors in nature. I enjoy exploring new techniques using oil and acrylic paints, pastel sticks, transparent inks, layered painting, and collage.

Open August 10.

State of the Art Gallery

We are a cooperative fine art gallery operated by our members from the Finger Lakes region of New York, seeking to enhance the cultural and economic vitality of our community. Information about our members and their contacts can be found at our members page.

Community Arts Partnership

For over 30 years, our grants, programs, and services have been a driving force behind the vibrant arts community of Ithaca and Tompkins County.

Corners Gallery

Paintings by Rosalyn Richards and Sculpture by Jamie Banes will be on view in August.

The Gallery at South Hill

The exhibit in August is a two-person, featuring the artwork of Janet Locke and Andres Enciso Oddy. Janet and Andres are from different generations and wanted to come together in Dreams and Nightmares to present their work as a cohesive body that takes on the sleeping world. Both artists are Ithaca based.

The Mink Gallery

Large format abstracts in saturated alcohol inks.

MIX Art Gallery & Event Space

MIX Art Gallery is an ever evolving art gallery and event space featuring contemporary art for your home or office. See featured artists in the gallery space, on the Ithaca Commons, or shop all artists work online at our web site.

Petrune Gallery/Studio

Petrune Gallery/Studio is an exhibition space and the studio workshop of Domenica Brockman. Hours may vary—open most Saturdays, and by appointment. Check website for details.

The Frame Shop

We will be featuring the work of local artist Laurel Guy during the month of August.
The Frame Shop is a woman owned and operated business in downtown Ithaca, framing your artwork since 1956.

Grayhaven Motel

The Inlet Valley Arts Center hosts a monthly gallery show in the lounge of the Grayhaven Motel. The Grayhaven Motel is a boutique, mid century modern motel hosting travellers in 18 rooms. For August, our featured art is Wind, Waves and Water: Seneca Stone Art by Michael Callahan.


Handwork is owned and staffed by its artist members. Our shop features a plethora of fine handcrafted goods and home decor, including pottery, woodwork, glass, jewelry, fiber arts, and more. Please visit our website for more information.

Ithaca Print Commons

Ithaca Print Commons is an art space in downtown Ithaca, New York, dedicated to providing access, education, and print services to the Ithaca community and beyond through workshops, exhibitions, and more. Get in on the fun at Ithaca Print Commons.

For further information, email Seeing Ithaca.